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Web Design by Moon & Star

Moon & Star can design and implement a website for any purpose. We can recommend web hosts and take you through the steps to having your own website.

Your Website. Your Way.

Your website is your calling card to the world. Frequently, it's the first thing that your potential clients and customers see. Often, your website might be the only thing they see before making a decision to purchase your products or services. So you want it to be the best possible marketing tool for your budget.

Off-the-Shelf Websites

Elegant. Easy. Fast. Moon & Star has developed a variety of standard HTML and CSS templates which can be modified quickly and cost-effectively to create a basic web presence for you that still provides you with a unique look. We can also develop custom templates for your site.

Custom Websites

Web design is the creation of the "look and feel" of the website, including

  • navigation,
  • color pallete,
  • graphic and text elements,
  • site structure, and
  • features.

We use best practices design principles Moon & Star is sensitive to usability issues and strives to provide the best user experience possible for each website created. Our designers have been trained in Web Usability and put this training to work in the sites we design. Some features of a particular site design may be out of our core competency areas, and would have to be implemented by other web developers. Moon & Star maintains a roster of other skilled professional freelancers who can provide whatever your site requires.

Project Management

Want more than we can do? If your site requires skills outside our core competencies, we have ready access to other professionals who are available to work with you as part of our development team. Moon & Star can be your single point of contact and manage the entire web development project for you.

Site Management and Hosting

Do you need a Webmaster? If you do not want to maintain your site by yourself, Moon & Star is happy to do it for you. We can manage all phases of website management:

  • Domain name registration and renewal (with whatever registrar you choose)
  • Website maintenance and updates
  • Hosting on one of our domains
  • Hosting on third-party servers

Determining your needs

What will your website do for you? First you need to determine what kind of website you desire: A simple "business card" website containing static pages about who you are, what you do and how to contact you? A dynamic site with content and announcements that change on a daily basis? A place to sell your products online? A giant portal site like An online reference tool like Wikipedia? A networking site like mySpace?

Who is your audience? While it would be nice to be all things to all people, different demographic groups have different expectations and needs with their online experiences.

What is your budget? The reality of life is that the more things you want in your website, the more it will cost in time and money. If you can re-use content (text, photos and graphics) that you have already developed for your printed marketing materials, you can realize some savings.

The Next Step

Contact us to discuss your website, and find out what we can do for you.

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